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Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions & investments that you’ll make.

In accordance with the standard of practice upon completion of my certification at the Carson Dunlop School of Home Inspection, my goal when offering my service is to provide high quality inspections. In addition, my team and I aim to go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer care.

We provide a complete electronic inspection detailed report in just 24 hours.

A home inspection will usually include an examination of the foundation and basement, roof, attic, heating and water systems, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as the general condition of the structure itself. An inspector will look for poor construction practices and make note of any repairs that might be required or any general maintenance issues. Importantly, they will also make note of any fire and safety issues that need to be addressed.

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

One of the biggest fears of most sellers is that when a buyer does get the home inspected, something will be discovered that kills the sale.  But as the seller, you don’t have to wait for the buyer’s inspection. You can have your own done, and get ahead of any issues before ever listing the property for sale.

New Home Warranty Inspections

Make sure you have a home inspector look at your home before your new home warranty expires.  We examine your home’s structure, mechanical and electrical systems to identify defects and other problems.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

infrared home inspector - BC Canada

An infrared thermal imaging camera in home inspections are sophisticated devices that process the captured images. These images can be used for immediate diagnosis and processed through specialized software for further evaluation. This device helps me provide an accurate report that may reveal potential problems in the house which is undetected through our naked eye.

This also reveals moisture. When the colours show cool or warm spaces in a home, this may signify issues with the property.